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  Do you define yourself by who you are, or by what you do?  I have struggled with this question for years.  It was particularly acute in 2016, when I left my teaching career to pursue my passion for music.  Everywhere I went as a musician, I was being defined as a teacher who has this cute side gig as a musician.  In my online travels, too, I find many people telling me how nice it must be to pursue a hobby like music now that I am retired and have free time.  I will admit that I am irked by such comments.   I didn't leave teaching to pursue a hobby.  I worked 30 years at a job that enabled me to pursue my passion as a musician, a passion that has been with me as long as I can remember.  I am not a teacher who plays music, rather, I am a musician who had a day job as a teacher.  Since my middle teens, I have worked at writing songs and lyrics, developing a personal style of playing and performing, and connecting with other musicians when opportunity presents itself. I write a blog