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Perfection Was Never The Goal: So Why Is It Now?

 I've spoken previously about how "offended" I am when people call my musical efforts a "hobby".  If I think about it, perhaps I am hurt by that because I expect more than that from myself.  Perhaps I am keeping myself from reaching a level of quality in order to stay in this safe zone as a songwriter and musician.  Perhaps I need to reexamine what I want out of this business I have started, and which seems to drag along at tortoise speed. Initially, I just wanted to perform my music for an audience.  When I do so, it is not out of any expectation of adoration, nor a strong desire for monetary success (although a little would do nicely, thank you very much), nor the fulfillment of some narcissistic ego trip.  I wanted to just play.  I felt I was given a gift, that I had developed that gift to a certain level of quality, and I felt the desire to share what I created with others.  Honestly, I am happiest with smaller audiences.  I am a solo performer, for the most