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A Moment of Perfect Clarity

 " January is the quietest month in the garden.  But just because it looks quiet doesn't mean that nothing is happening."                                     Rosalie Muller Wright “February is even better, though, because it lets us study why so many of those resolutions are broken.” – Sendhil Mullainathan Emotional Weather Report I don't know who needs to hear this now, today, but know this...YOU ARE ENOUGH.  The Doldrums of January make way for the blustery winds of February, perhaps a  couple of deep freezes yet on the horizon.  The darkness of these two months begins to break mid-February, but the depletion of one's vitamin D stores is fully taking its toll.  So, to you, whomever you are, in whatever situation you find yourself, know that you are a shining, gleaming being, and that you are enough.  Take those extra 30 seconds of daylight and breathe it in.  Hug a pet. Dance to a song.  Be a little goofy.  Do something in this moment that lifts you up just a li